Monday, September 15, 2014

Episode 10 - The Devil Wears Fresh Balls

Lady Starfish and Mr. Shark Attack share a few (at least) cocktails for this semi-annual podcast, on Fresh Balls and the Devil Wears Prada and more. Enjoy the clanking.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Episode 9 - Arm Twisting Pays off for Oates

The Re-Re-Re Launch

Number 9
Like the stupid Beatles
But better .. like these guys who look the same.

Episode Information
Mr. Shark Attack & Lady Starfish Show

Hosted by: Mrsharkattack
Title: EPISODE09 - Mr. Shark Attack & Lady Starfish Show
Time: 02/04/2014 11:11 PM EST
Episode Notes: Twist of the arm and we've re-re-relaunched. Lady convinces Mister to sit down for 15 fantastic minutes for the first show in 18 months. A Paul-Ringo reunion, and now this! (We don't like The Beatles).

Friday, August 17, 2012

Episode 8 - Tiny Hands

Episode Information
Mr. Shark Attack & Lady Starfish Show

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Hosted by: Mrsharkattack
Title: EPISODE8 - Mr. Shark Attack & Lady Starfish Show
Time: 08/15/2012 04:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: What is that a f****** flipper? Lady Starfish on life-guarding, and Guppy 2 stops by. Lots of stuff inbetween. Go Shark. It's Shark Week all week, all the time.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Episode 7 - Take 2

EPISODE7 - Mr. Shark Attack & Lady Starfish 
Episode Notes: OMG. We've been absent, negligent, stitched this together. Take 2. Charlie Sheen calls in, Lady Starfish may branch out on her own. Damn you, Coors Light Super Cans!





Friday, June 08, 2012

Episode 6 - Rainbows

The Mr. Shark Attack and Lady Starfish Show. Rainbows

Episode Notes: Episode 6. LSF returns from Cleveland (Free Money Museum and The Chocolate Bar). 

MSA digs into the male sac. Shout-outs to the great Zombie Cast and Goin Deep and Tastes Like Burning.

Talk of stopping swimmers. Also, LSF is scared of heights. She bowled a 98 (six gutters). Is there a doctor in the house? We hope to make Rick's week.





MSA is @Listen2MSA 
LSF's twat is @ladystarfish


Saturday, June 02, 2012

Episode 5 - Extended Weekend

by spezz

Episode Notes: Extended Weekend Edition. No Power! A second campfire 'cast recorded during the holiday celebrating 'Amercia.' Crunchy chips, talk of zombies, probably lots of other stuff. Listen and let us know what's here. 




Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Episode 4 - Dust Up - Special Holiday Campfire Cast

EPISODE4 - Mr. Shark Attack & Lady Starfish 

Episode Notes: Epy four. Campground "dust up." MSA and LSF broadcast live from the campfire. For a special crackling edition. Thanks for listening, 500+!