Saturday, February 26, 2005

Show 5 - Mr. Shark Attack and Lady Starfish

Fashion, The Oscars, fish fights, The Dukes and Fro-bidden Fruit on Show No. 5.


Kevin said...

So, I'm new to the whole podcasting thing. Though, I'm not new to the whole 'this is how you use computers' thing, either. So, I check out some of the podcasts, among them being Drooling Fanboy, which wasn't particularly... interesting. Or unique, for that matter.

Then I came across yours. I have to say, it's the perfect thing to listen to on the bus. Of course, you also have to take into consideration the fact that you might be laughing your rear off at the same time.

Such was my experience as I listened to Show No. 5 the other day. Both Mr. Shark Attack and Lady Starfish were very, very entertaining.

And, as much as I like to think of myself as very high-brow, the whole spiel regarding fishits was absolutely hysterical. Not to mention For-bidden Fruit. That bit totally got me laughing out loud on the bus if the examination of bowel movements didn't.

So, thank you, Mr. Shark Attack & Lady Starfish. What may sound like mundane conversation to some folks is absolutely uniquely entertaining to me. Your podcasts are much appreciated, at least, from Vancouver you are.

mr. shark attack said...

Nice post. Thanks a lot man. Good to know the shit stories don't scare too many people away. We all need variety in life!
Mr. Shark Attack.