Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mr. Shark Attack: Special Guest Lady Catfish

Show 16. With special guest, Lady Catfish. We discuss --- while eating chips and salsa (so professional) --- Lady Scaping (get your tissue ready), Smoke-a-teers and beer in the morning. Also includes a dispatch from Midland, Germany, and secret information from a QVC Insider, aka Stumpy. Cheez Nips, Thunderettes, Hot Tamales and so much more. We tried to keep the banging to a minimum, but it's hard when you've been so thirsty all day.



big daddy dogfish said...

hey it looks like my kitching

mr. shark attack said...

i hope the show is up to par. we got a little bit crazy. i even screwed up the edit at the end. a nice 10-seconds of silence before the finale comes on. keep drinkin, i guess.