Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mr. Shark Attack - The Fab Wayne Newton Montage

Great show Wayne. But this is not a real MSA and LSF Show. Think of it as a montage. A snippet of the great show we saw The Fabulous Wayne Newton put on recently. He's old, and the voice is a little rough, but he's still a great entertainer. With a stellar band. If only we had stellar recording equipment, which we don't, as you will see. (The Griffin iTalk let us down. Beware of that little doo-dad. Next time I record with Linux and a real mike!) See ya folks. We will do a real Show 20 sometime soon. Download this one for now.


LadyCatfish said...

Just why did Wayne sing is such a high voice? Curious...very curious.

mr. shark attack said...

hey. that wasn't wayne doing the aria (sp?). it was a woman from his band. ah ah ah!

LadyCatfish said...

you are using a vocab word worthy of a humanities degree. VERY sophisticated, I am impressed.