Monday, January 29, 2007


great or gay? i don't know what to make of this.


weirdkid said...

Holy cow they play fast, but I vote "gay".

Prog rock is by definition equivalent to gay.

Jap rock is pretty gay too. (Note: having a Japanese guitarist in a rock band is not gay in itself -- Jap Rock or "J-Rock" actually is pretty gay).

So is rock with "inspirational" themes.

Because Japanese prog rock is probably already somewhere in the neighborhood of "supergay", I would have to put inspirational Jap prog rock somewhere waaayyy above "Republican Congressman Gay" and approaching "Hippocrite Evangelical Christian Reverend Gay".

AgenteMeister said...

Definitively great!!! I still remember the first time I heard 'em and I couldn't believe all that power, speed, technique and epicness coming out of every note, every solo and every lyric. A must have for all the metalheads out there IMO.

@weirdkid: Man...
1.- that's neither proggresive metal nor j-rock, it's "Extreme Power Metal" (check it out at Wikipedia if you don't believe me).
2.- Herman Li it's not japanese, he's from Hong Kong, and the band itself is british.

Anonymous said...

hoye mono culiao(si, tu weirdkid), dragonforce es la mejor banda de speed metal q exite, asi q metete lo de gay por el ano.
y aprende a buscar informacion antes de ablar de algo.