Monday, January 23, 2006

Anything But iPod - MP3 Player Reviews & News

this page for losers who wish they had an ipod. ah ha ha!!!

Anything But iPod - MP3 Player Reviews & News


weirdkid said...

I bought a Creative Labs Nomad II back when MP3 players were first coming out -- before the iPod. It worked for a week or two. I returned it to CompUSA, and after paying a 15% restocking fee, I had a new one. This one worked for about 2 days, and CompUSA told me to call the manufacturer. I called Creative, at my expense (no toll-free number) and waited 40 minutes in queue. They replaced it by swap-ship, for which I had to pay. My third Nomad stopped working 2 days after receiving it. I called and shipped again (both at my expense). The fourth one arrived DOA. I wrote Creative a nasty letter then I threw the Nomad in the trash.

I bought the original 5GB iPod the week they came out, and it's been working great ever since.

I won't go as far to say everything else is second-rate, but the Apple players have clearly set the pace and anything else that comes along will be measured harshly. Too-often for it to matter anymore, I've heard the term "iPod Killer" mentioned at least quarterly in vapor-ware announcements from Microsoft.

mr. shark attack said...

damn straight. i have a 3g 15 gig ipod that still works like a charm. banged up, thicker than its younger brothers, but bad ass just the same.