Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mr. Shark Attack Show 35 Chinese Democracy

Axl couldn't do it, but we did. Chinese Democracy. Enjoy.

This is Show 35. Fresh off our illustrious appearance on the Goin Deep show. Welcome to our legions of new fans!

Shout outs to Lucian and Tim for their recent e-mails, and Matt on DDR for playing Mr. SA's ramblings. Shout out to www.firsthourmovies.com/, those crazy-ass kids.

On Today's show, we dream of having a better audio hookup. All we have now is a halfway-decent mike and an audio-challenged Dell Dimension 4600. Mr. Shark Attack stresses about the audio, but it probably ain't that bad. (Right?) We talk about Netflix, Newsvine, Flickr, a better idea for Elimb.com, Luther, Burnout music, OCD, how much we hate cleaning the house, camping plans. Shit. This is jam-packed, chatty-rich and free! Enjoy.


Superfan #99 said...

I'm jones-ing for a new show!!

mr. shark attack said...

who is this?