Monday, February 27, 2006

Mr. Shark Attack Show 36 Tammy NYP

We're baaack! Thanks to all the people who prodded us. Prod Prod.
Lots to talk about. Of course, when you do a show once a month, there is lots to talk about. Shout outs to Lucian, No Soap, Tim, "Etc." Talkin' about Jesus cans, Baby Sling Blade, Star Wars redux (maybe), a shitty movie called Rent, Attack of the Oily man, lots more. And it stays crunchy in milk at 96 kbps. Why did we encode it at 96 kbps? Quality, of course.



Tim said...

Great show you guys. Thanks for the Shout Out! I will assume it is me because A) I just emailed you last week before the show. B)That is my name. So there we go. Very fun show, cant wait for more. Have a good week.

mr. shark attack said...

it is u. thanx back at ya.

Chuck said...

Nice, welcome back. And it's about time you classed up that "Podcasting Excellence Awards" section.