Friday, November 03, 2006

Hooters to open up near Big Beaver

No shit.

detroit free press

Chicken wings, cheeseburgers and sports on TV.

Beautiful women with pearly white smiles, wearing tank tops and tiny orange shorts.

But wait, something's missing: No beer?

That's one question Hooters doesn't want to have to answer when it eventually opens its new Troy location on Rochester Road near Big Beaver.


Anonymous said...

Hooters in Big Beaver....brilliant!

Les Zaldor said...

Tis open ! I drove by there this past sunday!

Anonymous said...

It's open? The one on John R is still open. This means we have two Hooters within easy reach of Big Beaver.

Just as God meant it to be.

The one on Big Beaver has a sign out front: "Give a Hoot, Let Us Scoot!"